Participating in RGGI

Pennsylvania DEP has proposed participating in RGGI (the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative). The proposal should be strongly supported. It would cap carbon dioxide emissions from power plants in Pennsylvania under a 10-state regional program that would require power plants to purchase one allowance for each ton of carbon dioxide emitted. In the other states participating […]

Transportation and Climate Initiative The Transportation and Climate Initiative is a multi-state effort to address carbon pollution from motor vehicles which are the second largest source of carbon pollution in Pennsylvania (following power generation). Pennsylvania is working with twelve other states and D.C. on a program to cap such emissions. Click on link above for more information.

Allentown’s Vision 2030

Allentown has issued a draft comprehensive and economic development plan for the city. Click here to see the draft plan: The Allentown EAC has submitted comments on the draft plan urging the city to immediately begin developing a comprehensive and robust climate action plan. Click under “Recommendations” on this link to see the EAC’s comments: […]

Local Climate Action Plans

All 62 municipalities in the Lehigh Valley need to develop robust and implementable climate action plans. These are plans that lay out the goals, policies, requirements and programs the municipality commits to implement to address climate change. They are very specific and include who, what, when, and how each action will be taken. Following are […]