Individual action is key. Here are some things you can do:

  • Minimize your home energy use
  • Seek opportunities to use public transit, carpool, walk or bike
  • Purchase a more energy-efficient vehicle
  • Buy groceries and supplies produced locally
  • Invest in rooftop solar and solar water heating systems (rebates are often available and commercial building owners may obtain low-cost loans through Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy financing:
  • Replace lawns with native trees, shrubs and plants; decrease your use of fertilizers
  • Minimize stormwater flowing directly into storm drains — use rain barrels, rain gardens, and the like
  • If possible, use reclaimed water for nonpotable uses such as watering your garden
  • Contact your municipality to demand a robust, implementable and verifiable climate action plan

For more ideas, check out DEP’s 2018 climate action plan:

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